Looking for the Old X3pure?

All 30-day workshops on X3pure.com were good for one year. If you purchased X3pure after September 13, 2016, you will now find your workshop at X3workshops.com. You should have received an email with a link to access your workshop once it was relocated to the new site. Do not be alarmed if you did not get that email. Check your spam or junk mail folders to see if your provider rerouted it.

To login to your workshop go here: http://videos.x3workshops.com/login
To request a password reset for your workshop go here: http://videos.x3workshops.com/password/new

Be sure to use the same email you initially registered.

For resets, be sure to check spam and “all mail” folders if you do not see the reset email delivered to your inbox within 5 minutes of the request. If you still cannot access your workshop, please email [email protected]


Upgrade Offer

If you are a current or previous X3pure customer and you would like to upgrade to the NEW X3pure program at 50% off, please forward a copy of your receipt of X3pure or proof of payment (credit card, bank or PayPal statement) and your request to [email protected], and we will set you up!